Bluetooth controlled LED flashing Frisbee

A few friends and I decided it would be a good idea to make a light-up Frisbee so we could continue playing with it after it became dark. The first version featured 8 LEDs located around the edge of the Frisbee. Each LED was connected in parallel via a resistor to a small LiPo battery. This worked well and looked really good in the dark.

I decided to make a second version using a microcontroller so that the LEDs could be flashed in various patterns. Since I had several BLE112 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules left over from a previous project, I decided to make a Bluetooth controlled flashing Frisbee! Why…? because “Everything is better with Bluetooth” (Sheldon Cooper).

The BLE112 modules include a 8051 microcontroller which can be programmed using a propitiatory scripting language called BGScript. BGScript was created by Bluegiga, the manufactures of the BLE112 modules. BGScript works great for simple applications, so it was perfect for this project.

As part of a previous project I had designed a small PCB to breakout the pins on the BLE112 module to through hole 0.1” headers. The PCB was 1.3” x 1.6” and manufactured by OSH Park. In the interest of hacking the Frisbee together quickly I decided to reuse this PCB as well.

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