Kindle 3 (Keyboard) Screen Replacement

My Kindle’s screen recently broke and unfortunately it was out of warranty (and it was probably my fault anyway!). While amazon did offer to sell me a new Kindle at a reduced price, I wanted to keep my old kindle due to its worldwide free 3G web browsing capability. I ordered a new screen from eBay for around £40. Changing the screen was pretty simple and took about 30 minutes.

I made video of the process in case instructions would be useful for anyone. I meant to take lots of photos during the process, but I was a little pushed for time, hopefully what I did take will suffice.

Step 1: Remove the back cover. It is held in place with small plastic clips. Use a fingernail or a spudger tool to slowly undo each clip. Be careful not to apply too much force as you may damage the plastic.

Step 2: Remove the 2 screws holding the battery in place, and then remove the battery.

NB: The kindle uses only two types of screws, a larger silver screw and a smaller black screw. This makes keeping track of where screws go reasonably easy.

Step 3: Remove the 2 screws holding the 3G card in place and remove the 3G card. You can detach the aerial connector if you wish, but this is not required and can be a little fiddly.

NB: If your kindle is not a 3G model then remove the 3G card placeholder. I believe this is held in place with a weak adhesive.

Step 4: Remove the 10 silver screws indicated in the picture below. Also remove the black connector marked in the picture below.

Step 5: Unclip the 5 connectors shown in the image below. Some of the connectors have a small flap which must be lifted before removing the flat flex cable. You may need to use some tweezers or another small tool to help.

Step 6: Remove the 8 black screws holding the main circuit board in place, and then carefully remove the board by sliding it upwards and then lifting it out.

Step 7: Remove the 3 black screws holing the main chassis, and then carefully remove the chassis.

Step 8: Remove the damaged screen and replace with a new one.

Step 9: Reassemble the device by working backwards through steps 7 to 1. It is a good idea to check that the screen works before clipping the back back on.

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